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Gutema Firisa Construction is a sole proprietor organization established in 2000E.C (2008G.C ) under the provision of the commercial code of Ethiopia Article 313 and enters into the construction market.

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Project Details

Oromia Justice

Sector Professional Training and Legal Research Institute

Construction of G+2 Dormitory Building

Project Overview

The Oromia Justice Sector Professional Training and Legal Research Institute is proud to announce the construction of a G+2 Dormitory Building in Adama, Oromia, Ethiopia. This new facility is designed to support the ongoing development and training of professionals within the Oromia justice sector by providing state-of-the-art accommodation for trainees and researchers.


City: Adama, Oromia, Ethiopia

Adama, officially known as Adaamaa and formerly Nazareth, is a vibrant city situated in the heart of Oromia. It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and serves as a central hub for education and development in the region.

Project Details

– Building Type: Dormitory
– Floors: Ground + 2 additional floors (G+2)
– Purpose: Accommodation for trainees and researchers
– Construction Scope: Site work and building construction

 Project Significance

The construction of this dormitory is a significant step towards enhancing the capabilities of the Oromia Justice Sector. By providing comfortable and modern living facilities, the institute aims to create an environment conducive to learning, research, and professional development. This project underscores our commitment to fostering a well-trained and equipped justice sector in Oromia.


– Enhanced Training Environment: The new dormitory will provide high-quality accommodation, ensuring that trainees and researchers have a comfortable and conducive environment for study and development.
– Increased Capacity: The additional floors will allow the institute to accommodate more individuals, expanding our ability to train and support justice sector professionals.
– Modern Facilities: Equipped with the latest amenities, the dormitory will offer a safe and convenient living space, promoting the well-being of its residents.

The Oromia Justice Sector Professional Training and Legal Research Institute’s new G+2 Dormitory Building is a cornerstone project that will significantly contribute to the development of a robust and effective justice sector in Oromia. We are committed to supporting our professionals with the best possible resources and facilities as they work towards ensuring justice and legal excellence in the region.

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