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Gutema Firisa Construction is a sole proprietor organization established in 2000E.C (2008G.C ) under the provision of the commercial code of Ethiopia Article 313 and enters into the construction market.

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Construction of Federal Police Residential Camp at Asosa Town

Benishangul Gumuz Region, Asosa Town, Ethiopia

Gutema Firisa Construction

The project involves the development of a Federal Police Residential Camp in Asosa Town, carried out by Gutema Firisa Construction. The construction will encompass several key components to support the operations and well-being of the federal police force:

  1. Dormitory Construction:
    A modern dormitory facility to house federal police officers. The dormitory will provide comfortable living quarters with all necessary amenities to ensure the officers’ well-being and operational preparedness.
  2. Stadium Construction:
    A contemporary stadium designed for various sports events and functions. This facility will serve both the police force and the local community, promoting community engagement and unity through shared events.
  3. Sports Gymnasium Construction:
    An advanced gymnasium equipped with the latest fitness equipment. This gymnasium will be crucial for maintaining the physical fitness of the police officers, providing a dedicated space for exercise and training.
  4. Asphalt Road Construction:
    The construction of a high-quality asphalt road to improve accessibility and transportation within the camp. This road will facilitate smooth and efficient movement, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of the police camp.
  5. Guest House Construction:
    A well-appointed guest house to accommodate visiting officials and dignitaries. The guest house will offer comfortable lodging with all essential services, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests.

Gutema Firisa Construction is committed to delivering a comprehensive residential camp that meets the operational needs of the federal police force while positively impacting the local community of Asosa Town. The planned infrastructure will enhance the living conditions, fitness, and readiness of the officers, and provide venues for community interaction and events.

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