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Gutema Firisa Construction is a sole proprietor organization established in 2000E.C (2008G.C ) under the provision of the commercial code of Ethiopia Article 313 and enters into the construction market.

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Construction of Various Buildings at Civil Service University

Project Overview: Construction of Various Buildings at Civil Service University

Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Gutema Firisa Construction

The project involves the construction of several essential buildings at the Civil Service University, aimed at improving the infrastructure and facilities for both students and administrative functions. The construction includes the following components:

  1. President’s Office Building:
    A dedicated building for the President’s Office at the Civil Service University. This facility will provide modern office spaces equipped with all necessary amenities to support the university’s administrative functions and operations.
  2. Student Dormitory Construction:
    A new dormitory designed to accommodate students. This building will provide comfortable, secure, and modern living quarters, enhancing the overall student experience and supporting their academic pursuits.
  3. Construction of Store:
    A storage facility to meet the university’s logistical and operational needs. The store will be designed for efficient storage and management of materials and supplies.

Key Features:

  • Modern Office Spaces:
    The President’s Office Building will include state-of-the-art office facilities to support efficient administrative operations and provide a conducive working environment for the university’s leadership.
  • Comfortable Living Quarters:
    The Student Dormitory will feature modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and supportive living environment for students, fostering a conducive atmosphere for their studies and personal development.
  • Efficient Storage Solutions:
    The Store will be designed to provide organized and efficient storage space for the university’s various needs, ensuring that materials and supplies are managed effectively.

Gutema Firisa Construction is dedicated to delivering high-quality buildings that meet the specific needs of the Civil Service University. The construction of the President’s Office Building, Student Dormitory, and Store at Finfinne/Addis Ababa is part of a broader effort to improve the university’s infrastructure. This project supports the university’s mission to provide quality education and administrative excellence, representing a significant investment in the institution’s future and enhancing both student life and administrative capabilities.

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