Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality Objectives

Gutema Firisa Construction set Quality objectives to provide a focus to direct the company and drive continual improvement in line with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

Its corporate objectives are:-

  1. Establish and implement effective ISO 9001: 2015 QMS at full scale in the company and be certified in July 2019;
  2. Perform, manage, and improve the company’s processes to meet customers’ and interested parties’ requirements based on Plan – Do – Check –Act (PDCA) cycle;
  3. Develop the competency and well-being of the company’s employees through training and incentive packages;
  4. Maximize  productivity and profitability of the company  through risk-based thinking;
  5. Bring excellence in the company’s service delivery by consistently complying with customers and regulatory requirements;
  6. Develop a mutually beneficial partnerships with external providers to increase levels of customer and interested parties satisfaction;
  7. Determine and understand the context of the company to address factors that may influence its strategic direction, objectives, and sustainability;
  8. Provide all resources necessary to achieve the required quality of product/service provision

Quality Policy

Gutema Firisa Construction is committed to achieving sustained and profitable growth by developing and delivering high-quality construction services following risk-based thinking.

It is dedicated to consistently satisfying and/or exceeding the requirements and expectations of its clients & regulators through continual improvement of its products/services and implementing ISO 9001:2015 quality management system based on the Plan- Do- Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

The company is committed to supporting its employees through skill development and by using a progressive management style that encourages employee engagement and the adoption of a quality culture throughout the operational environment.

The top management of the company is devoted to providing the resources necessary to maintain the company’s quality management system. It also works to ensure the existence of a competent workforce to deliver quality results in a timely manner according to the ISO 9001:2015 QMS.

The top management of Gutema Firisa Construction continually improves the effectiveness of ISO 9001:2015 QMS & its business performance. This is realized by establishing and regularly reviewing quality policies & objectives for all functions of the company.

Quality policy & practices are communicated within the organization, understood and adhered to by all employees through awareness training and by posting at prominent locations within the premises of the company and project sites.
The company is also dedicated to reviewing and revising the quality policy, as required, to reflect its ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

About GFC

It is the desire of the organization to operate with a strong commitment to quality services in the construction sector. Starting from its Establishment until 2015 E.C

The GFC has done & working on about forty-nine projects & which are estimated to birr 3.7 billion & over.

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